Sunday, 30 October 2011

HD Brow Cheat

Hello Lovelies!

So I can't seem to walk past a salon without seeing a poster for a 'new' HD brow treatment. Being a brow gal myself I was curious at first as to what it could be. The answer to my eyebrow dreams at long last? I found out the rather extensive treatment involves various stages of plucking, tinting, threading, waxing and filling. And costs somewhere in the region of £30 per treatment. Woah! Being a beauty therapist myself I recommend eye treatments every 4-6 weeks so I was already calculating the yearly cost of a HD brow!

Now let me give you some background on my brows...after years of over plucking my eyebrows were left somewhat uneven. I longed for thick, full, sexy eyebrows to perfectly frame my face but unfortunately naturally it was just never gonna happen. A couple of years ago I put down the tweezers and picked up the eyebrow pencil, and while this temporarily and literally filled my eyebrow void, it just wasn't what I was looking for. I've experimented with various brow kits, benefits brows a go go and Elf's Studio Brow Kit to name a few, and more pencils than you can imagine but then I came across what can only be described as my holy grail of brow products. The Christian Eyebrow Kit. I picked it up at the Beauty UK Show back in May and I've never looked back since.

So what is it? Well the kit itself contains a mirror, a double ended brush to apply the product and brow colour of your choice, they have 8 different shades to choose from so one to suit most hair colours; I'm irid brown. The brow colour comes in the form of a highly pigmented powder, you get a decent 3g and I can safely say I have used mine every day since I bought it and I still have plenty of use left in it! Now the absolute beauty of this product is that it comes with a set of 3 stencils; thin, natural and thick. To apply the product I like to first give my eyebrows a comb through to make sure they're neat and lying flat, then you line the stencil up with your eyebrow, the aim is to get as much as your natural eyebrow in the stencil as possible. Next give the big end of the brush a good swirl around in the powder, tap off any excess and whilst holding the stencil in place run the brush over your eyebrow; I find I get the best application by going back and forth across my brow and then making small circles with the brush over the top to build up colour. Then remove the stencil, blot with a tissue, repeat with the other brow and voila your done, hello perfect brows! This may sound like a lengthy process but I assure you it isn't, this takes up no more than 3 minutes of my everyday make up routine and stays in place without smudging for the whole day. If you prefer a less defined look you can also use the brow colour with the fine end of the brush to freehand your desired brow shape.

Without kit, still a bit patchy in places, not as thick as I'd like them

With Christian Eyebrow Kit, defined, thick, sexy brows :)

Please excuse the pic below, it's of an old kit that didn't have the double ended brush, my kit is so battered and bruised after being throw into many over night bags and really wasn't photo worthy!

Christian Eyebrow Kit

Now when I first picked up this kit I was going through the painful process of growing my eyebrows out, anyone that has ever had to endure such a task can sympathise! What this kit allowed me to do was fill in the areas of my eyebrow that were still waiting to grow whilst also giving me a template to tweeze around, brilliant if like me, you struggle to maintain an even shape on both brows. I started off on the thin stencil but have since graduated to the thick one now that my brows have been given the chance to grow. I can now even say that without the kit, my once thin, gappy, sorry looking brows are actually not that bad! They're still a work in progress but these things take time! Did you know it can take upto a full year for your eyebrow to grow back properly! Back away from the tweezers! I think HD brows are great for photos and I change the shape of mine depending on how I'm feeling!

Bit of freehanding with Christian Eyebrow Kit

The brow kit is available to purchase from Izabelle Hammon at a price of £22.12 plus VAT and I would say it easily lasts 6 months plus. Compare that to a £30 HD brow treatment once a month and you have yourselves a beauty bargain! They also retail a professional kit containing all 8 colours which I will most definitely be purchasing in the near future. What do you think, are HD bows your thing?

Lots of Love xxx

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  1. What colour did you use ? I have black hair, but think black will be too harsh.


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