Friday, 6 January 2012

Review: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and OPI's Katy Perry Last Friday Night

Hey Lovelies

I've been neglecting my cuticles recently and when taking a recent NOTD picture decided I really needed to give them some TLC. Generally I'll rub it some Imn cuticle oil but I felt they needed something a bit extra so took myself off to Lush for some Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. One of the best known products from Lush, this lemony pot of loveliness costs just £5.95 for a 50g and will last you a lifetime. You need the teeniest amount of this and it's no wonder as it contains shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, mango butter, coconut oil and a whole host of other skin softening treats. But don't be fooled by the name, this fluttery buttery thrill is most certainly not just for your cuticles; heels, knees, elbows and any other stubborn dry areas are sure to be tamed with this little delight. The biggest reason (other than aforementioned loveliness) that has kept me repurchasing this product for a solid 7 years? The smell! There's lemon, and then there's lemony flutter, sometimes I just sit with the tub and keep opening it up for a sniff (I know how to party!) I tend to pop this on combined with some Soap and Glory Hand Food before I go to bed and wake up with lovely soft hands and cuticles. I've not yet invested in some manicure mittens, I just can't get with the idea of wearing gloves in bed but feel free to tell me they're totally worth it!

One of my lovely friends sent me Katy Perry's Last Friday Night polish from OPI, its a blue jelly polish jam packed with a tonne of iridescent sparkle. I swatched it over my current Models Own Nyla Nude and just wasn't feeling it, this polish on it's own isn't my cup of tea.

Cuticles refreshed I did a little blog research and as advised tried it over a dark base instead, some random No.7 polish I've had for ages called Betty Blues, cue the perfect midnight sparkle! Over a dark shade you can really see this polish in all its beauty, I think this would work well over any dark base - blue, purple, black even green if you're so inclined. I don't think the photographs do it justice, as you really can't see how iridescent the glitter is. Although glitter season is almost over (for me) now I am very happy to add this to my collection and don't think I'll be putting it away for the year just yet.

Have you put your sparkly polishes away for the year or do you wear it all year round?

Lots of Love xxx

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