Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lashes and Leopard Print Nails

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you all had a super Christmas! I had the most lovely time with The Mr and my family, although I don't think I should eat anything for a few days to make up for what I have consumed recently!

I had lots of lovely presents, offerings from Bobbi Brown, Soap and Glory, Sigma, Ellie Saab, Kérastase, Eve name a few, and I'm sure they will be included in some upcoming posts. I've been perusing the online sales but nothing has caught my eye so far, with 3 wardrobes bursting at the seams, beauty products seem like a more sensible investment at the moment. I've bought some long overdue NYX jumbo eye pencils after seeing them being used in some make up tutorials recently and perhaps may have treated myself to my first YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick, even better when it was in a blog sale!

I'm also currently sporting some cluster lashes, I popped them on in about 10 minutes before we went out for Boxing Day Celebrations. I use to wear these quite regularly before I fell in love with strip lashes, but now I've applied these I have remembered how lovely and natural they can look. If treated correctly they last between 2-5 days, perhaps I'll pop a more in depth review/tutorial up if anyone was interested.

I decided to go for some leopard print nails for Christmas this year and I loved them. I used MUA's Shade 21 for the base and Models Own Nyla Nude for the spots and then alternated it on my ring finger. I painted my nails whilst wearing my new tiger print onesie, (my favourite early Christmas present to myself!).

Leopard print nail art is one of the easiest looks to create, don't worry if you haven't got the steadiest of hands, it all adds to the effect! :)

My cuticles are super dry at the moment, I'm gonna treat myself to some lemony flutter cuticle butter from Lush tomorrow. Whenever I give nail treatments I'm always surprised by the amount of people that don't own cuticle tools, for a few pounds you can pick up a cuticle pusher and some nippers and they make a world of difference to your manicure. So yes, on with the Seche Base and then 2 coats of each polish. I love this MUA shade its a beautiful taupe that just seems to go with everything, the only thing I dislike is the brush but for the £1 price tag you really can't complain. Whenever I'm doing nail art I always apply a top coat over my base colour, this means if I make any mistakes I can remove it by gently sweeping an acetone soaked cotton bud over the nail without spoiling my base.

The next stage is the spots, I use the flat face of the brush and dab gently, nothing uniform here, I think different sized/shape spots work well and look more realistic.

Allow the spots to dry and then using either a nail art brush and some black polish, a nail art pen, a liquid eyeliner or stripping brush as I did, draw some wiggly 'C' shapes around the spots, again don't worry about being too neat. I also tend to add a black spot here and there.

For some subtle shimmer I used MUA's glitter eye liner in Shade 2 to fill in and outline some of the spots, you can use glitter polish or a nail art glitter pen but this eye liner costs just £1 and has a really fine brush so it's great for detail. Then apply your favourite top coat and your done! I used a UV topcoat, Seche Vite Ultra V - review here.

This look could be recreated using so many different combinations, I kept mine quite traditional but if you want some colour inspiration take a look here.

Lots of Love xxx

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