Monday, 19 December 2011

My First JolieBox December 2011

This week just gets better when my postman knocked the door again but this time to deliver my/the first ever JolieBox! JolieBox is the newly named Boudour Prive beauty box, and was actually the first box of it's type that I became aware of, it is the same as Glossy Box et al - 5-6 high end samples in a lovely little box delivered monthly. The Jolie Box is 12.95 including p + p so it is one of the more expensive boxes but this months box was so definitely worth it.

OPI Gold Shatter Lacquer - Full Size 15ml RRP £10.50

I practically jumped when I opened my box and found this, my parents had come up for the weekend and My Lovely Mum is a complete newbie to the beauty box world, so we 'oohed' and 'ahhed' together at this sparkly treat. I swatched it immediately over my current MUA Shade 21 - a most gorgeous mink colour, and I have to say, it's love. The effect is so understated yet so pretty, I think it would work beautifully as an accent nail but hey it is the festive season, so why stop there? I can't wait to try this polish over many more in my collection. For anyone that isn't a fan of the other shatter effect polishes, that can be quite bold and obvious, I think this is the perfect solution.

Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash - Sample Size 50ml RRP £20.00 for 250ml

This is such a beautifully scented shower wash I almost don't want to use it, I just keep taking the cap off to smell if. These are always useful to throw in your bag for a weekend away and you would definitely feel pampered with that price tag!

New CID Cosmetics i-gloss in Baby Doll - Full Size RRP £16.00

I love this product, it's so clever! As soon as you twist the cap open two super bright LED lights come on, illuminating wherever you point the applicator, and not only that on the back of the lip gloss tube is a perfectly sized mirror so you can apply your lip gloss in the dark with complete reassurance that you won't end up looking like you really did put it on, well, in the dark. It's a beautiful soft pink, the formula is great, not at all sticky and just enough shine.

Jane Iredale 4 Karat Gold Dust in Rose Gold - Full Size RRP £10.00

To be honest I kind of looked over this item when I opened the box, I'm a bit of a magpie so I was all over the OPI and it wasn't till I actually sat and looked through all the products properly that I got super excited about this one! It's a multi use shimmer powder containing actual gold flakes. You can apply it your eyes, cheeks, lips, body and even your hair apparently. The colour is perfect, a gorgeous rosy pink, I can't wait to dust it over my cheeks soon.

Yon-Ka Vital Defense - Sample Size 5ml RRP £50.00 for 50ml

An anti-aging prevention, antioxidant and anti-pollution, cream to preserve 'youthfulness' apparently. Well it's never too early to start I guess. A teeny sample that I will most probably keep for my over night collection.

As this was the first Jolie box subscribers also received two bonus samples this month which were...

Kusmi Detox Tea - Sample Size 20g RRP Approx £12.00 for 125g

I'm one of those strange people that doesn't drink tea or coffee. I wish I did, it's so sociable, the whole 'fancy popping round for a cuppa?' just doesn't work with a glass of squash but as many times as I've tried to make myself enjoy it I just can't. My saving grace is that I'm quite partial to a herbal/fruit tea, and people usually have a few bags knocking around in their cupboard so I don't have to ask if I can have some of the children's ribena instead. I've tried various detox teas but I'm very much looking forward to this loose leaf variety, who knows I may even keep it in my handbag for those sociable occasions :)

JolieBox Concealer Brush 

A girl can never have too many brushes, this is nice a soft and a decent size, a welcome bonus.

So there we have it, I am super impressed with the contents of my first JolieBox, even if the bonus products weren't included the cost is more than justified by the products, oops I think this means I'll be keeping this subscription going too! :)

Lots of Love xxx

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