Monday, 12 December 2011

Clothes Show Haul

Hey Lovelies!

Apologies for the huge gap between posts, some internet problems and a lost memory card were to blame! What have I been doing, putting up Christmas decorations and making soup mostly, what a thrilling life I lead! :) Although I did find time to take a visit to the clothes show, The Mr bought me a couple of platinum tickets for my birthday so I took my lovely Mum with me last Sunday. Now I have to say I'm never very impressed by the clothes at the clothes show, I've been maybe 5 or 6 times and each year every stall pretty much sells the same stuff and it's all a bit markety. This year the trend was fur and animal ears, everything had ears on it, cute but not a look I shall be rocking anytime soon.

Anyway on to the important stuff; the beauty stalls! There was a huge hair and beauty area this year, some independent, some store based and a couple of higher end brands. I didn't go crazy but picked up a few things, here's my haul below.

I was happy Glossy Box were there, I'm a Boudoir Prive and Feel Unique Beauty Box subscriber so it was nice to have a look at the brands available in Glossy Box. I got Novembers box which I was pleased with as I really wanted to try the Monu moisturiser, look out for a future blog post! I won't go through the whole box as I'm sure it's been posted about a billion times but if you're interested there's a review of that box here.

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand I was aware of but I'd never tried any of their products, their packaging is just adorable and I got that whole lot for a bargain. I was really only bothered about the Brazilian Sun Bronzer as it's matte and I'm usually more drawn towards something with a bit of shimmer in it so I was interested what this would be like, but you got the whole bundle together so all the other products were a bonus! I'm looking forward to trying out the Jelly Cheek Stain and the Wide Awake Kit looks like something I might use. It has illuminating cream, highlighting cream, and an eyebrow sculptor with 3 different powder shades plus a really decent sized mirror. The huge tube of Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting smells sickly sweet, which I love, and the shoe palette contains a very usable creamy bronze eyeshadow and a shimmery lip jelly, complete with a little mirror so I will definitely be tossing that in my handbag. All of the products are infused with aloe vera, jojoba oil or beeswax which I love.

There was a lot of buzz around the models own stand, I already knew I was going to treat myself to some nail polishes so I happily chose 3 new shades for my collection, I went for christmassy Champagne which is a super shimmery metallic that I'm looking forward to layering under my OPI Rainbow Connection. I chose Purple Mystique for the same reason and then played in safe with Nyla Nude. Although on second thoughts I've decided this is far too orange based for my skin tone but we shall see how it swatches. I got a whole bag of goodies free with my models own purchases, some of which I could see myself using, some of which I definitely won't; neon orange eye liner anyone?

My ultimate find, to which I let out a little squeal of excitement about, what the Illamasqua stall. I could have spent a fortune but settled on three pure pigments instead, in what I thought was three different shades although on closer inspection when I got home realised I'd picked up two of the same, fail! Although I have to say after trying it, I really wasn't that disappointed. I got two of the shade Fervent which is a gorgeous reddish brown with flecks of blue, green and silver shimmer, it's sooo beautiful. I wore it blended all over the lid for a meal the other night and I fell in love. I also chose Android which is described as a 'shimmering charcoal black' although I have to say it looks slightly blue toned to me, but I'm looking forward to adding that to a smokey eye look. Check back for an EOTD soon. If anyone reading happened to pick up Furore, which is the shade I thought I had, and wanted to swap for Fervent let me know!

Lastly, I picked up one of those magazine bags filled with random samples and to my delight there was a little bottle of DHC deep cleansing oil which I'd heard a little about. I'm currently loving my Eve Taylor facial oil (post coming soon!) and generally am a fan of oils; hair, nail, skin, so this cleansing oil is definitely something I could see myself using. It's water soluble and contains vitamin E and olive oil, I am loving my new Eve Taylor skincare at the moment but will definitely be trying this soon.

Woah that was a long post, congratulations if you've made it this far! I have lots more posts in the pipeline and am looking forward to really getting back to blogging now all is well with my technology!

Lots of Love xxx

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