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Feel Unique Beauty Box December 2011 - First Impressions

Hey Lovelies!

This is my very first Feel Unique Beauty Box so you can only imagine how excited I was when the postman knocked on my door the other morning! I've not had enough chance to use the products properly yet but thought  I'd give you a quick round up.

The theme for this months box was 'finishing touches' - all the things you need to get you ready for the party season.

TIGI Bedhead Candy Fixations Sugar Dust - Full Size 1g RRP £9.35

I was super excited to get this as I know last months GB members got the OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder and I was gutted I hadn't subscribed sooner! I'm a huge lover of Batiste XXL Volume, I pretty much use it every day to give my meagre locks a boost, it's also brilliant if you wear clip in extensions as it gives the clips some texture to grip on to and ensures they stay in place. So when I saw TIGI's offerings in my box I was very excited although I have to say when I picked up the tube my first thought was "Is this empty? *looks at weight on front on tube* 1g? That's a pretty stingy sample!" although on further research I have found that this is actually a full size product and as soon as I opened it and sprinkled a little on my hand, I could see why, you can barely see it, it looks like teeny tiny almost invisible dust particles. I'm still not sure how I'll get on with this, if you can't see it on your hand I doubt you can see it in your hair so how do you know when you've put enough on, or when you've run out? I'll get back to you on that one!

Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium 100% Organic Lip Balm - Full Size RRP £3.49

This was the second thing that caught my attention, I've heard a lot about Figs and Rouge. I love that they're products are organic and even more than that I love the packaging, how cute is this little tin? The little leaflet we got inside the box showed some other super cute vintage inspired tins, most desirably a flocked CoCoVanilla one that I definitely need. It's described as a lip, face and body balm, I wondered how something in such a teeny pot might be appropriate for ones body however after having a little try of this it's clear a little bit goes a long way, a perfect handbag companion for these naff weather/dry skin days.

Annick Goutal - Mandragore EDT - Sample Size 25ml RRP £58.65 for 50ml

No one could fail to be impressed by this gorgeous little bottle, unfortunately when I opened the bag I discovered some of the contents of my bottle had leaked out. This perfume is not for the faint hearted, a deep, woody scent with notes of bergamot, star anise, peppermint and ginger, it's a world away from my 'fruit floral'. I'm currently giving it a trial run, it's definitely a lot milder on the skin so we'll see how it goes. I'm impressed with the size of the sample given the cost of this perfume though!

Nails Inc Oxford Circus - Sample Size 4ml RRP £11.00 for 10ml

I swatched this as soon as I got it out the box and love it, it's a soft candy pink and while it may not be 'season appropriate' I still think this may be featuring in a NOTD before we start to see any hope of spring sunshine ;) I would have appreciated a full size more as I'm not much of a miniature girl, I think the brushes are  always a bit rubbish, but I'm happy all the same.

Clarisonic Nourishing Care Cleanser - Sample Size 30ml RRP £21.00 for 177ml

I don't own a Clarisonic although I am truly tempted after reading numerous reviews so I might save this for when I actually decide to take the plunge. I'm still on the fence as there's so many mixed opinions but my skin is not having a good time at moment and I'm hoping this might be the answer!

As a little extra included in the box was also a Living Nature 100% natural New Zealand cosmetics leaflet containing three 2ml samples - vitalising cleanser, extra hydrating toning gel and nourishing day cream. I'm definitely gonna keep my subscription going for this box. Out of the beauty boxes I subscribe to this one is the cheapest £9.95 including delivery, which you more than get back each month. Also I found a great page on facebook where people swap items from their boxes they don't want. What a great idea - link!

Were you happy with your box this month? Is there anything you're thinking about swapping?

Lots of Love xxx

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